Get a Motorola cp040 earpiece for the finest price

Previously, we checked out an earpiece expressly created to work on the Motorola gp340 two way radio series. Now, we will be investigating the CP040 earpiece, an inexpensive and versatile little doohickey that is amazingly exciting, but additionally does little to damage one’s bank account.

The Motorola cp040 earpiece is much like the Motorola gp300 earpiece. It’s tiny, clever and cheap, however it also represents pretty good value for money. EarpieceOnline lists this earpiece for about £11.50, but it’s a pretty good buy for the cost.

We will be honest, everything is quite basic on this model, but the device performs its function well and certainly won’t let anyone down.

The noise quality of this CP040 earpiece is very good indeed and also the PTT ‘push to talk’ utility is convenient and easy to use. As usual, the Motorola cp040 earpiece includes a sprung lapel clip that attaches easily to most items of clothes (you may find it a challenge if you’re planning on using it while dressed as a giant Sumo combatant and competing on ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, but apart from that…).

As with the motorola gp300 series, because it only includes a two-pin plug, an adaptor block will be essential to be used with the Motorola gp320 and Motorola gp340 series of 2 way radios.

The ergonomic D-shaped earpiece itself is comfortable to wear and typically inconspicuous. It may be effortlessly utilised in either the left or right ear, depending on the user’s own preference. The CP040 earpiece fits nearly all ear dimensions, so unless you happen to be Prince Charles or Martin Clunes (Editor’s Note: or my Uncle Paul), you shouldn’t have too many comfort problems, if any.

There is no Kevlar cable on this one, however and it positively isn’t one of the best model around. Still, this isn’t to put the Motorola cp040 is really a poor earpiece, not at all. It just isn’t the finest.

In general, the CP040 earpiece is functional, instead of flamboyant. It does its job without frills (but also no temper tantrums). This is really a excellent, trustworthy product from a team that excels at producing such earpieces. It also offers great value for money, too.

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